Our Roadmap

The CX journey has only just started and our ambition is huge. Keep abreast of our product and community development as we scale.
1 2017-2020: The Idea
Hosted multiple client/candidate workshops to test our ideas to remove bias in hiring processes
2 Feb 20: Brand Launch
Inclusion-driven movement welcoming almost 2,000 CX Community members and followers
3 Aug 20: Prototype
Engaged our community and built a prototype to demo to high-volume hiring businesses
4 Nov 20: Validation
Successful validation exercise with ‘intentions to purchase’ from multiple organizations
5 Aug 21: Pre-Seed Funding
Secured private angel investment to initiate software development on our MVP
6 Jan 22: Strategic Partnership
Announced major partnership with leading staffing/software businesses; Tundra & TalentNet
7 Q3 22: MVP Beta Testing
Early adopters in North America prepared for Beta testing phase on Talent Engagement platform
8 Q4 22: CX Community App
App based product in design and development for the CX community
9 Q4 22: Seed Funding Round
Major scale-up investment planned for further product development and operations growth
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