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What we do

Diversity & Inclusion progress is slow.


We’re here to accelerate matters.

We deliver innovative inclusion propositions
unique to your organisation.



Find your “heartbeat”.

Through candid discussion, our unique approach encourages an emphasis on empathy and openness from you, enabling relevant inclusion strategies for your organisation.

Whether you need a complete gap analysis with a roadmap, defined measurable targets, community focus groups, talent attraction inspiration, speakers for an event, a recruitment process overhaul, or just ongoing critical friend advice…

We harness the collective experiences of many brilliant inclusion-minded experts in order to provide an educated opinion and form a crafted solution.

  • Audit, assess and educate.
  • Curating tailored Inclusion strategies.
  • Mapping diversity data of your candidate funnel to sentiment.
  • Embedding Inclusion into the fabric of your organisation with governance and accountability.
  • Align your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy with commercial goals.



Engage a diverse talent pool.

  • Retained assignment hiring.
  • Diversity data visibility per assignment.
  • Candidate feedback (on organisational process and collateral) intersected with diversity data.
  • Sector and industry talent market mapping.
  • Talent pipelining.
  • Recruitment process inclusion audit, including internal mobility



Talent intelligence Platform

  • Pioneering data Insights and analytics
  • Next gen brand engagement
  • Equality-led hiring with anonymisation technology