The Problem:
Statistical Evidence: Up to 80% more applications are required by minorities to achieve the same callbacks as white candidates.
Personal Stories: "I had the skills, the experience, but not the 'right' name. Changing my name on my CV increased my interview invites," shares a candidate.
Economic Impact: Biased hiring practices lead to a lack of diversity, stifling innovation and costing the UK economy billions annually.

Clear pain points in the job market
1.Vague Job Descriptions: Many users complain about job descriptions that are either too vague or ask for an unrealistic combination of skills.

2.Ghosting by Recruiters: A frequent grievance is recruiters not getting back to candidates after interviews, leaving them in the dark about their application status.

3.Unrealistic Experience Expectations: Job postings that ask for several years of experience for entry-level positions are a common point of contention.

4.Lengthy Application Processes: Users often share their frustrations about companies that have long, tedious application processes, especially when they don't lead to any feedback or follow-up.

5.Mismatched Job Titles and Duties: Some job seekers find that the job title doesn't match the actual duties or that the role is misrepresented to seem more appealing.

6.Low Compensation for High Requirements: Many discuss the disconnect between the high qualifications or experience required and the low compensation offered.

7.Automated Rejection Emails: Receiving impersonal, automated rejection emails, especially soon after submitting an application, is a frequent complaint.

8.Overemphasis on Culture Fit: Some users feel that "culture fit" is a buzzword used to mask discriminatory hiring practices.

9.Lack of Feedback: A desire for constructive feedback after interviews, especially if they were not selected, is a common sentiment.

10.Intrusive Interview Questions: Job seekers often share experiences of being asked inappropriate or irrelevant questions during interviews.

The Vision:
We envision a future where every job application is assessed on merit, skills, and potential. A future where businesses thrive on diverse teams, and every individual, irrespective of their background, can achieve their full potential.

Key Proposals:
Transparent Hiring Processes: Every job role should have clear, transparent criteria, reducing ambiguity and potential bias.
Unbiased AI Tools: Promote AI tools in recruitment that are free from biases and are regularly audited for fairness.
Skills-Based Assessment: Move away from traditional CV-based hiring to evaluations based on skills and potential.
Diversity & Inclusion Training: Mandatory training for HR professionals to ensure they understand and can counteract their biases.
Regular Audits: Companies should undergo third-party audits of their hiring practices to ensure fairness.
Whistleblower Protection: Safeguard employees who highlight discriminatory or biased practices within their organisations.

Call to Action:

For Individuals: Share your stories of bias in recruitment. Sign this petition and spread the word to ensure everyone gets a fair chance.
For Businesses: Review your hiring practices. Support the #LockedOut campaign and commit to unbiased recruitment.
For Lawmakers: We urge you to consider these proposals and enact legislation that ensures a fair, unbiased hiring landscape.


The time for change is now. Together, we can unlock the potential of every individual and create a fairer, more prosperous future for all. Thank you for standing with us and committing to change.

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Updates & Progress:
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