UK Workforce | Avoiding age discrimination whilst recruiting and retaining older staff

Over 50s make up a larger and larger share of the workforce in the UK. People are living longer than ever before, yet because of the situation of the economy, they might not be able to retire when they had originally planned. How then can employers encourage an older generation to continue working?

Despite the fact that many businesses value and rely on their older employees, Jones v. Tango Networks UK Ltd. and P. Hesketh, a recent Tribunal case, shows that not all businesses share this viewpoint.

This article discusses the importance of avoiding age discrimination when recruiting and retaining older staff in the workplace. It highlights the value of older workers, who bring experience, knowledge and loyalty to an organisation, but who can be subject to negative stereotypes and discrimination in the recruitment process. The article suggests that employers should focus on job requirements and competencies rather than age, avoid using age-specific language in job adverts, and consider flexible working arrangements to accommodate the needs of older workers. It also highlights the importance of training and development opportunities to ensure that older workers are not left behind in terms of skills and technology.

Finally, the article recommends that employers review their policies and procedures to ensure they are not inadvertently discriminating against older workers, and that they promote a positive, inclusive culture that values and supports workers of all ages.

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