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Our Community is Growing

More people like you are adding their voice and supporting CandidateX every day, because representation matters. Add your voice, strengthen ours and help us get to our target of…
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Support CandidateX, share your experiences today and get involved on social media to spread the word.

What’s Being Said?

Get involved and spread the word on social media.

You’re CandidateX and You’re Not Alone

CandidateX is anyone who is striving for a world where applicants are accepted based on their skills, experience and merit. A world where you are assessed on what you can do, and not who you are.

The CandidateX community is driving the conversation on inclusion excellence standards. This is a community that truly represents everyone: created by the people.

Together, our experiences can influence and inspire – add your voice, strengthen ours.
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Floating story profiles
Floating story profiles
Floating story profiles
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Our Community is Growing. Join the Movement.