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Having experienced prejudice and bias, both routinely as Talent Acquisition professionals, and through our own personal candidate experiences – yes shockingly ‘Simon’ received more invites to interview than ‘Sunil’ - we felt obligated to use our knowledge and experience to positively impact the lives of underrepresented jobseekers.

And CandidateX was born.

We are driven by these bright-eyed faces, to ensure that by the time they reach the working world, every door is open for them to achieve their dreams. No matter their ambition.

They are CandidateX.

Sunil, Man and Jon

and....our support crew!

Photo of 6 children, the families of the founders Sunil, Man and Jon

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This could be you
We are recruiting soon!
This could be you
We are recruiting soon!

Meet our advisory board

We are proud to be supported by an incredible roster of industry experts
CandidateX Chair, DEI Advisor
Legal Advisor
Digital Strategy and Monetization Advisor
Corporate Governance and Strategic Advisor
CFO advisor & Community Leader
Strategic Recruitment Industry Advisor
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