Stereotyping biggest obstacle for women in tech

Despite the championing of Meta's Sheryl Sandberg and YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki, women still face barriers when it comes to entering and succeeding in the world of technology, new research suggests.

Data obtained by London Tech Week found that 68% of respondents believe that gender perception is the biggest obstacle to women entering the tech industry. 

The survey also found that stereotyping and lack of support during schooling (60% and 48%) are the biggest barriers to entry for women getting started in tech. Almost six in ten (57%) would like to see more initiatives from companies to educate girls at school to help redress the balance.

The figures correlate with a survey carried out by creative agency CPB London who found 60% of 1,000 UK children aged 5-11 believe that being a plumber or electrician is “a man’s job” and that 46% said "men make better engineers".

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