25% of young workers will not apply due to poor parental leave benefits

New research by Vodafone reveals the cost to businesses of having poor parental leave policies and the increased risk of losing/attracting top talent, with 25% of 18–34-year-olds not applying for jobs as a result of a perceived lack of support for parents.

Vodafone’s Global Parental Leave Policy offers all non-birthing parents 16 weeks of fully paid leave, allowing for more equal caring responsibilities for both new parents.

Key findings from the 18-34-year-old category:

55% would be more likely to apply for a job if they knew the employer had good parental leave policies.

64% agree that parental leave policies are a useful indication of whether an organisation is a good employer, even if they are not planning to have a baby themselves.

21% have turned down a job offer because they thought the employer’s parental leave policies were inadequate.

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