LGBTQ people are calling out disingenuous Pride merchandise

Every year, on the first breath of summer,  Pride collections emerge like a horde of brightly colored locusts. They blanket every storefront and Instagram feed in June, promising solidarity and celebration for LGBTQ communities. "Yaas, Queen!" the shirts proclaim. "Love is love," the decorative buttons affirm. Then there are the rainbow-printed suits and shoes, which bear no actual words but are still so very, very loud.

Make no mistake: Visibility and acceptance are rights for which generations of activists have fought. But a growing chorus of LGBTQ voices are ridiculing the way Pride Month is being marketed by large companies, especially as they grow bolder with their use of queer language and imagery. Maybe it's rainbow capitalism -- the idea that some companies use LGBTQ allyship for their own gain. Maybe it's simply bad design. But something doesn't sit right.

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