Recruiters Platform

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We have created a very intuitive platform that allows recruiter to quickly create their jobs and manage candidates' applications.

The below will give you an overview. Watch the videos to understand more about the journeys.

LOGIN | Access to recruiter dashboard
Log in | Access to dashboard
Contact us for a demo first. While the CandidateX application is free to use for the time being, we want to know you first, understand your DE&I goals and explain you who we are and what we do.
your dashboard
When you login, you will see your dashboard
This is the description of your company. Candidates will see it when looking at the jobs and clicking on "View company profile". 

Our advice is to focus more on your DEI initiatives 
You can create jobs here or edit existing ones
Watch the video to understand more about creating and managing jobs
Jobs Applications
Job applications
You will manage all applications to your jobs here.  Watch the video to understand more or try it yourself on the platform first and come back later and watch the video.
You can change your details under the settings. 

You can then access the Candidates' platform by following the link that we would have sent you and experiment the candidate's journey by yourself: registering first, looking at the jobs posted in the platform, loading your CV, redacting it and applying to your chosen job.

Your feedback is extemely valuable to us therefore don't hesitate to contact us!