Here are the industries where veterans are finding jobs

In the US, veterans saw increased employment opportunities in the education and health services sector in 2021 but less hiring for professional and business services, according to new data released by the Bureau of Labor Services.

The research showed a significant improvement in the overall veterans employment rate and President Biden stating that “Veterans of all backgrounds are finally being cut in on the deal”

“Unemployment rates for White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic veterans — male and female — fell and were the same or lower than their nonveteran counterparts in 2021”

Veterans unemployment has been a particular focus of the White House and Congress, with about 9% of veterans holding jobs in the education and health services sector, 12% in manufacturing and 10% in business services.

On the other side, veterans as a group saw a significant employment decrease in professional services (down 1.5%) and hospitality (down 1%).

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