“Gig economy helps everyone” says TaskRabbit’s CEO

Gallup estimates gig work to be the primary job for 29% of American workers. 

However, according to the National Institute for Workers' Rights, 54% of gig workers lack employee benefits, such as social security, health insurance, paid medical leave, overtime pay, and occupational safety protections, and they aren’t earning minimum wage, disproportionately affecting Black and Latinx workers who sit within those with the lowest wages and fewest protections.

Ania Smith, CEO of TaskRabbit, who built a career working for corporations at the center of the new gig economy such as Uber and Airbnb argues that the pandemic drew more attention to the vital role independent contractors play in society saying "the gig economy helps everyone".

But companies like Uber and Lyft have faced a lot of scrutiny for not providing full-time benefits for their contract workers.

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