What is CandidateX?
CandidateX is a social impact and data-driven organization, focused on increasing access to opportunities and inclusion for underestimated talent. 

At a product level we can be considered as a number of things; part job board and part DEI data analytics, but ultimately we are a Talent platform with a DEI core focus. All hiring businesses supported by our platform are committed to enhancing their inclusion proposition, and are seeking diverse hires and insights.
How much does CandidateX cost for candidates?
Absolutely nothing. All candidates registering with CandidateX are able to use the platform at no cost. 
What is CandidateX's approach to data protection?
Protecting the data of our users is central to everything we do at CandidateX. It’s only through maintaining the anonymity of candidates that we’re able to develop the trust needed to collect honest feedback and generate meaningful insights. 

We respect your privacy, and are committed to protecting your anonymity, and as such we have a thorough approach to data protection and privacy, and we continually assess how new features and technology might impact the security of user data ensuring our technology and processes meet the standards necessary to protect the data of our users. 
How do CandidateX use my data?
Our vision is to be recognised globally as the trusted platform for inclusion. We therefore can not stress enough the importance and the value we place in managing your data.

The way that CandidateX uses your data is simple. We segment your data to;

1) Provide you with a highly personalized candidate experience, relevant to your skills and experience, and the things that matter to you as a human being! 

2) Provide hiring businesses with diversity insights (anonymised) so that they can identify areas for improving their inclusivity.
Do candidates own their data?
Absolutely. All our users have control over their data, and have the right to request that their personal data is removed and deleted, and can also amend (add or remove) personal data within the platform.
Can I share some of my diversity information, and not all?
Yes, of course. You are free to answer only the questions you feel comfortable sharing. Otherwise just choose 'prefer not to say'. You can revisit your responses here any time.
How do you guarantee my anonymity?
We recognise the highly sensitive nature of the things you share with us and we value your trust above all else. All of the data you provide is collated and conveyed to employers in an aggregated and anonymized form.

We have a number of features to help ensure your anonymity, with a variety of access controls and dashboard visibility controls which ensure that your anonymity is protected.
What does 'removing bias' mean?
Human bias in the hiring process is a major factor which lessens the opportunity for underrepresented candidate groups, so we believe in highlighting skills and experience rather than background.

By systemically and consistently removing details from a resume which can lead to bias whether conscious or unconscious we can drastically improve the chances for diverse candidates.
What details are omitted from a CV?
We redact the following; Name, photo, location, age, schools & colleges, hobbies & interests, marital status.

Anything that may give way to bias on gender, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic background, sexuality, age, disability.
Do you offer an App for candidates?
Not yet, but very soon! Keep an eye on our roadmap and follow us across our social handles & newsletter to know exactly when the app will arrive.

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Determined to achieve a more equitable and inclusive workplace, the growing CX community shares a common belief system which keeps us focused on becoming the trusted inclusion brand with both the current and the future workforce.

We have huge community-centred plans, initially focused on a subject we are incredibly passionate about, social mobility and more precisely 'access'.

We believe that everyone, irrespective of background, should be able to achieve their full potential, and our ambition is to create access for all by serving our community with tools, resources and a powerful inclusion-conscious network where all members derive value from each other and contribute to building a better tomorrow. 

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