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General Questions

What does 'Better Human' mean?

At CandidateX we believe that everyone, irrespective of background, should be able to achieve their full potential. Our core and only value is 'to become a Better Human'.

As Better Humans, we can create access for all. We can have an impact through tools, resources, and a powerful inclusion-conscious network where all members derive value from each other, contributing to build a better tomorrow.

Do you offer an App for candidates?

Not yet, but very soon! Keep an eye on our roadmap and follow us across our social handles & newsletter to know exactly when the app will arrive.

What does 'removing bias' mean?

Human bias in the hiring process is a major factor which lessens the opportunity for underrepresented candidate groups, so we believe in highlighting skills and experience rather than background.

By systemically and consistently removing details from a CV which can lead to bias whether conscious or unconscious we can drastically improve the chances for diverse candidates.

What is CandidateX?

CandidateX creates inclusion-focused hiring solutions, designed to increase access to opportunities for underestimated talent.

At a product level we can be considered as a number of things; part job board, part DEI data analytics, part e-Learning platform...but ultimately we are a Talent platform with a DEI core focus. All hiring businesses supported by our platform are committed to enhancing their inclusion proposition, and are seeking diverse hires and insights.

Data Privacy

Can I share some of my diversity information, and not all?

Yes, of course. You are free to answer only the questions you feel comfortable sharing. Otherwise just choose 'prefer not to say'. You can revisit your responses here any time.

How do CandidateX use my data?

Our vision is to be recognised globally as the trusted platform for inclusion. We therefore can not stress enough the importance and the value we place in managing your data.

The way that CandidateX uses your data is simple. We segment your data to;

1) Provide you with a highly personalised candidate experience, relevant to your skills and experience, and the things that matter to you as a human being!

2) Provide hiring businesses with diversity insights (anonymised) so that they can identify areas for improving their inclusivity.

What is CandidateX's approach to data protection?

Protecting the data of our users is central to everything we do at CandidateX. It’s only through maintaining the anonymity of candidates that we’re able to develop the trust needed to collect honest feedback and generate meaningful insights.

We respect your privacy, and are committed to protecting your anonymity, and as such we have a thorough approach to data protection and privacy, and we continually assess how new features and technology might impact the security of user data ensuring our technology and processes meet the standards necessary to protect the data of our users.

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy

Data Anonymisation

How is my CV anonymised?

Our Talent Intelligent Platform uses artificial intelligence to redact CV's. This AI has been trained to detect any information that can lead to conscious or unconscious biases.

What details are omitted from a CV?

We redact the following; Name, photo, location, gender indicators and external links to your social profiles.

Anything that may give way to bias on gender.

How do you guarantee my anonymity?

We recognise the highly sensitive nature of the things you share with us and we value your trust above all else. All of the data you provide is collated and conveyed to employers in an aggregated and anonymised form.

We have a number of features to help ensure your anonymity, with a variety of access controls and dashboard visibility controls which ensure that your anonymity is protected.

CandidateX Platform Pricing

How much does CandidateX cost for Recruiters

For all enquiries around publishing your vacancies, please contact us

How much does CandidateX cost for Candidates?

Absolutely nothing. All candidates registering with CandidateX are able to use the platform at no cost.

Inclusive Recruiter E-Learning

How will I be assessed in this course? 

We have included a few quizzes, interactive puzzles, and targeted content questions to ensure you are absorbing the course content. However, we do not believe in exam style courses. We believe in awareness which will lead to behavioural and habitual change. As such, how you approach this course will be down to you.  

Learn through practice.   

What is CandidateX Inclusive Recruiter e-Learning?

It has been developed through collaboration with talent acquisition specialists, diversity and inclusion experts and learning and development professionals. In keeping with the CandidateX company value of being a Better Human and our mission to create equal access to opportunity for underestimated talent we developed the first course in our e-Learning series. We believe in the impact this programme will have for the daily interactions for all talent professionals and those involved in the hiring process. 

We already use a Learning Management Solution (LMS), is this course compatible?

If your organisation is currently using a Learning Management System (LMS) we can send you the course to be accessed there. Your LMS must access SCORM 1.2 files. (SCORM files are shareable content file types and 1.2 is the most popular SCORM file type). We are on hand to answer any questions on this here candidatex@candidatex.co

If your organisation does not have an LMS, no problem! We will provide access to complete the e-Learning directly via the learner’s email.

All learners are registered using their email. This enables CandidateX to track progress of your learners for completion. All learners who complete the course will be provided with their individual accreditation directly to their emails. 


Will this course be updated in the future?

Yes, we plan to update this course, but we have a lot more planned besides, as we continue to deliver a roadmap of impactful and engaging inclusion-centred learning.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to continue with the course?

Sure, we are fully compliant with the Consumer act 2015 (distance selling) and you may cancel your order within a period of 14 working days commencing the day following contract completion, and which you will be notified of through an order confirmation email from us.

However, if any learner in your organisation has started the course, you will no longer be entitled to a full refund for that learner, and we will deduct the full price per learner who has accessed the course from your refund.

If we have issued your learners with an enrolment email to the course during those 14 days, but they haven't accessed it during the 14 day period, we will refund you the full amount of your order minus £5 per learner for the issuance of those credentials.

If we have issued you with a SCORM file to integrate to your LMS, you must delete it upon exercising your cancellation rights. We do monitor access to our e-learning course and you would be in breach of your contractual obligations should you not comply with our terms.

How long is the ‘Becoming an Inclusive Recruiter Essentials’ badge valid for?

We plan to update this course yearly, but you can proudly display the badge for a maximum of 3 years before requiring a refresher. 

Do I receive a certificate or credential upon completing this course?

Each learner will earn individual inclusion training CandidateX credentials, recorded on blockchain technology. We will provide you with a social media toolkit so you can showcase your award directly onto your LinkedIn profile and beyond. 

Can I access this course on my mobile device?

Yes, absolutely! The course has been developed with this in mind. You can access on any device. 

How do I enrol in this course?

Simply go to the  e-learning page and either complete the details with your contact details and number of learners, and we will be in touch to get you started or buy the licenses you need directly. All online transactions are secured and no credit cards details are stored on our website. 

What is the cost of this e-learning course?

We are so excited about what the sustainable impact this training can make. We are offering access to the training at the following introductory prices: 

 Prices are in GBP, ex. VAT

Introductory Pricing  £ 
0-50  185
51-100  175
101-200  165
200+  Contact us  

What support is available if I have questions or problems?

We have a dedicated team ready to support. Please contact us at candidatex@candidatex.co

What kind of materials and resources will I have access to?

Throughout the course there are key takeaways which the learner can download or print. Additionally, we have an Additional resources section where you can access research and other key reading material.

If you are a facilitator, we have dedicated guidance notes which we will share with you when you on-board.

How is this course structured?

The course is designed with several bitesize sections, taking the learner through an immersive journey, setting the scene and managing expectations, while engaging through thought-provoking and dynamic content. 

How long will I need to complete this course?

It really depends on you! The course has been designed to work around your work commitments. We intentionally developed the programme with this in mind. We are big believers in micro-based learning. 

What are the prerequisites for this course?

No prerequisites, only that learners are open minded and are prepared to reflect on previous experiences. 

Which languages is the course available in?

The course is currently available in English format (US/UK). However, we are working on expanding the offering to French and Spanish formats. Please contact us to find out more

Who is this course intended for?

It is for anyone that is involved within the hiring process, from all types of talent professionals to hiring managers.

Our e-Learning will allow you to learn new ways to dispel common unconscious biases that may come into play during your daily practice. 

If you are a business or organisation, the course will reward you with a proof point on your DEI commitments, whilst building an inclusive team. We call this Talent ROI (Return on Inclusion). 

What is this course about?

Becoming an Inclusive Recruiter is a training series focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, relevant to those involved in the hiring process, particularly talent professionals. 

What is CandidateX e-Learning?

CandidateX e-Learning has been developed through collaboration with talent acquisition specialists, diversity and inclusion experts and learning and development professionals. In keeping with the CandidateX company value of being a Better Human and our mission to create equal access to opportunity for underestimated talent we have developed the first course in our e-Learning series. We believe in the impact this programme will have for the daily interactions for all talent professionals and those involved in the hiring process.

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