We Do Diversity Data.


Your diversity data matters 

You may be wondering, if I apply anonymously why are you asking for my diversity data?

Great question…. 
Understanding jobseeker diversity data is critical to creating inclusive workplaces. Yet the way that companies ask can be clumsy and opaque, leading to mistrust and a poor candidate experience.
The CandidateX application process has been designed to give complete ownership and control of diversity data to you, the jobseeker.
Whilst ensuring your identity remains private, confidential and anonymised.
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Understanding You

How you identify is critical to your sense of belonging when searching for inclusive workplaces. By understanding who you are, CandidateX generates the insights required to break down bias. 

Your data will help normalise differences, providing transparency and insight to empower inclusion strategies which will enable organisations to better engage applicants like you with things that matter to you the most.

What do we ask you?

We found most diversity data surveys wasn't representative of the diversity in modern society. 
We ask about; Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Care Responsibilities, Faith, Disabilities, Veteran Status, Age, Mental Health & Socialeconomic background.

CandidateX engages with organisations that are passionate about creating inclusive cultures and are actively hiring diverse talent. That means human beings of every intersectionality and uniqueness.

In return for providing your data, we aim to create a highly personalised job-seeking experience and provision of access to market data relevant to you.

Find out more how your data can help unlock inclusion.
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Secure. Protected.

As a tech for good business, CandidateX is devoted to ethical causes. Working to the highest levels of security and technical standards to protect personal data is our priority.

Why Diversity Data Is Important

Identify Insights and Trends
Monitor Equal Opportunities
Provide Relevant Inclusive Roles
Take Action

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