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UK Leadership Sees Soaring Ethnic and LGBTQ+ Representation, but Gender Parity Stall

Ethnic and LGBTQ+ representation in UK leadership has surged, according to a study by DIAL Global. Between May 2022 and 2023, ethnic representation on leadership teams increased from 59% to 81%, while companies with LGBTQ+ leadership rose from 34% to 56%. Initiatives for ethnic diversity in leadership grew to 78%, and executive sponsorship for LGBTQ+ […]

TAINA Tech: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion for FinTech Success

Diversity and inclusion are crucial for thriving in the FinTech sector. TAINA Tech highlights the significance of embracing various dimensions of diversity, including age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, culture, religion, and sexual orientation. By championing diversity and inclusion, TAINA fosters employee satisfaction, retention, and authenticity. he company recognises cultural, gender, sexual orientation, and neurodiversity as […]

Half of HR and EDI leaders say their organisation provides ‘significant’ support to LGBTQ+ staff – but two thirds have witnessed discrimination, survey finds

A significant portion, more than 50%, of human resources (HR) and equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) managers believe their respective companies provide support for LGBTQ+ employees. However, an almost equal proportion, close to two-thirds, have witnessed instances of discrimination within the workplace. A survey conducted among 136 professionals in the field unveiled that 25% of […]

So how diverse is the UK Fintech & Challenger Bank sector? A research conducted in 2020

The promise of fintech was to democratise access to financial services and instruments, particularly for underserved communities, but this can only be achieved through diversity of thought. The first step towards realising this promise and potential is creating an industry that is inclusive at heart, and engages diversity through not only representation but empowerment. To […]

Scientists Find “Weaker Ties” Are More Beneficial for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

In the realm of job hunting, the power of social media connections, such as those on LinkedIn, cannot be underestimated. A comprehensive study conducted by renowned researchers from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and LinkedIn itself has shed light on the impact of these connections. Surprisingly, the study revealed that weak ties, connections with individuals […]

Racial Disparities in Unemployment Persist: TUC Analysis Reveals Alarming Trends

New analysis conducted by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has exposed a significant racial disparity in unemployment rates, with black and ethnic minority workers more than twice as likely to be unemployed compared to their white counterparts. The TUC also highlighted the disproportionate impact on women from ethnic minorities, who face an unemployment rate nearly […]

A Journey Towards Racial Equality: Advancing Together Three Years After George Floyd's Murder

It's been three years since the tragic murder of George Floyd, a moment that shook the world and ignited a global outcry against racial injustice. Initially, businesses made commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), but progress has hit a roadblock. Clearly, there's still a long way to go in achieving racial equality. This article […]

UK Employers Urged to Support Lower-Income Working Parents for a More Diverse Workforce

A recent study by Working Families, in partnership with Pinsent Masons, reveals that lower-income working parents in the UK face challenges due to the high cost of childcare. The research indicates that these parents are more likely to reduce their working hours, quit their jobs, or go into debt to manage childcare needs. Women and […]

Diversity Done Right: A Holistic Approach to Hiring for Lasting Inclusion

To achieve true diversity and inclusion, organisations need to adopt a holistic approach to hiring, rather than relying on quick fixes. This involves broadening recruitment efforts, removing bias from the hiring process, and holding recruiters and hiring managers accountable for diverse representation. Shifting recruitment strategies, building relationships with underrepresented communities, and creating inclusive job postings […]

Unlocking the Power of Diversity: How Data-Driven Strategies Drive Inclusion and Innovation in the Workplace

DEI is not just a set of HR buzzwords but a critical factor in developing a thriving and innovative workforce. Having a diverse workforce brings different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, leading to improved decision-making, increased innovation, and a stronger bottom line. Building an inclusive workplace goes beyond merely hiring a diverse group of individuals; it […]