Could you quit your job to become a full-time activist?

Natalie Evans describes herself as an accidental activist, after a racist incident she filmed on a train went viral two years ago.

It spurred Natalie and her sister Naomi to set up the Instagram account Everyday Racism to help educate people about racism, and how to tackle it.

They now have more than 200,000 followers on the social media platform, and last December Natalie quit her job as a youth charity worker to concentrate full time on the activism.

"We were starting to receive feedback from people saying 'thank you for this', and 'this is helpful'," says Natalie, who is 32 and lives in the Kent seaside town of Margate. "I realised then this was something I wanted to work on full-time - to help change the world a little."

Plus, she says that managing the workload around Everyday Racism while holding down another day job had become too much. "Emails were coming through all the time, I had so much admin."

But how is Natalie able to support herself? While she and her sister earn money from advising businesses and other organisations, it is not enough income to survive on.

And so the sisters have set up a Patreon membership account, where Everyday Racism's supporters pay them between £3 and £10 per month for extra resources.

"People kept telling us to set one up but I wasn't sure," says Natalie. "But it takes time to write up resources and do the things we do."

They launched their Patreon account at the end of last year, and now have 150 subscribers. Meanwhile, Naomi, also still works three days a week as a teacher, albeit cut down from four.

From Insulate Britain, to Black Lives Matter, and Greta Thunberg, activism has become more visible in the UK and other countries in recent years, despite the pandemic lockdowns.

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