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London ranked UK’s top city for nepotism for jobs

A poll of 2,000 working-age adults found London is the UK’s top city for nepotism, with half of respondents saying connections gave them a job compared with 42% of British workers overall. The research from recruitment software firm Applied found men and younger workers are most likely to benefit. Almost half of men and over […]

Eliminate a Degree of Difficulty: Hire for Skills, Not School

Too many jobs require college degrees, locking out qualified Black talent. Skills-first hiring helps companies rethink what really matters. At a Glance The large employment, income, and wealth gaps between Black Americans and white Americans pose a major challenge to racial equity in the US. Yet companies have the ability to address at least one […]

McKinsey calls for better socioeconomic representation to boost economy

McKinsey is calling on other firms to kickstart their social mobility agendas — by highlighting links to how better socioeconomic diversity benefits businesses and the wider economy. The management consultancy’s renewed social mobility focus includes sharing best practices and follows increased media and government attention on the topic. This includes headlines on how Santander and PwC […]

Will diversity slip further as the tech slowdown continues?

Tech knows it has a diversity problem. But with the current slowdown in funding and economic growth, many investors and founders are concerned that things could get worse.  According to Atomico’s State of European Tech report, all-female founding teams accounted for 6% of all funding rounds in 2022, but only 1% of the funding raised. It’s […]

Youth Misspent: Uncovering the harsh realities for Britain’s young people in today’s job market

Almost a quarter of UK youth turned off work for life. City & Guilds is calling on Government and industry to put renewed focus on young people’s skills and careers as the UK enters an economic recession Following a trend of chronically high youth unemployment, the research – based on a survey of 5,000 18-24-year-olds […]

Fewer employers expecting candidates to have 2:1 degrees

For the first time, less than half of graduate employers are stipulating graduates should have a 2:1 degree for their roles, research has found. The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) found that the number of employers asking for a 2:1 degree as minimum entry criteria for graduate jobs has fallen to 48%. While a 2:1 degree […]

What one change would you make to achieve black equality in Britain?

Updating the school curriculum, creating an anti-racist politics … there is a pathway to a fairer and more equal society. Lenny Henry: We need radical empathy, not racial sympathy Over the years I have argued for a number of policies to increase racial equality in the media, from diversity tax breaks to ringfenced funds for […]

A new study offers clues about how lower-income children can rise up the economic ladder

Social scientists have made it a priority in recent years to understand upward mobility. They have used tax records and other data to study which factors increase the chances that children who grow up in poverty will be able to escape it as adults. Education, spanning pre-K through college, seems to play a big role, […]

Ethnicity pay gap hitting Caribbean workers hardest

Research from Business in the Community (BITC) found workers of Caribbean heritage in professional roles face an average pay gap of £3,814 compared to their colleagues - the highest pay gap of any ethnic group. More than half of the Caribbean workers surveyed (55%) felt they weren't being paid enough for the work that they do, despite almost […]

Care about social mobility? Don’t send your kids to Oxbridge

Our obsession with just two elite institutions is a distraction from enacting real change in how people get on in life. Over the past few weeks, a discussion has rumbled on off the back of comments by Stephen Toope, the vice chancellor of Cambridge, who in an interview with the Times said that the university intended […]