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UK Employers Urged to Support Lower-Income Working Parents for a More Diverse Workforce

A recent study by Working Families, in partnership with Pinsent Masons, reveals that lower-income working parents in the UK face challenges due to the high cost of childcare. The research indicates that these parents are more likely to reduce their working hours, quit their jobs, or go into debt to manage childcare needs. Women and […]

UK gender pay gap widens as childcare costs worsen ‘motherhood penalty’

The UK’s gender pay gap has widened as sharp increases in the cost of childcare has worsened a “motherhood penalty”, pricing many women out of work altogether, according to a new report. The nation’s average pay gap widened by 2.4 percentage points to 14.4 per cent in 2021, accountancy giant PwC found in its Women in Work index. It […]

Mothers, older workers and disabled people hold the key to getting Britain back to work

Government efforts to boost Britain’s workforce should focus on supporting more mothers into work, and helping older workers and those with a disability stay in work, rather than persuading the large Covid cohort of older workers to ‘unretire’, according to new Resolution Foundation research published. The issue of workforce participation has come to a head […]

6 ways employers can improve on intersectionality

Hays’ Sandra Henke explores how embracing intersectionality can help employers improve the experience of all employees. Diversity is not a linear issue. As companies seek to be representative of the communities they operate in and that make up their workforce, many still consider their diversity efforts in distinct, singular characteristics. For example, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality […]

People with gaps on their CV are "a gift, not a red flag"

Women returners are a huge benefit for businesses, it's foolish to overlook them. Time and time again I hear leaders spurt baseless notions that spread like wildfire. None quite as damaging as this; the belief that women who take a career break are not fit to re-enter the workforce. Deeply embedded misconceptions and falsehoods have […]

How the pandemic made 'Caregiver' the newest workplace identity

In the expansion of diversity efforts at work, one term is seemingly everywhere: caregiver. A recent survey by workplace equity platform Syndio finds that workers with caregiving responsibilities are the fastest-growing category of employee identity groups, with 12% of companies tracking them as such. Like so many current workplace trends, this, too, is rooted in the […]

Only 25% of employees receive paid leave following their pregnancy or baby loss

The latest survey report, Workplace support for employees experiencing pregnancy or baby loss, from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, identifies a big gap in current support for employees.  Just 25% of employees who have experienced pregnancy or baby loss received paid compassionate or other special leave from their employer (in […]

Without childcare reform economic growth is impossible

The government shows little sign of getting to grips with the childcare crisis that is seeing nursery workers leave the sector and female employers forced to give up work to care for children for financial reasons. Prime minister Liz Truss's ambition to make economic growth a top priority won’t be achievable until the government solves the […]

Deloitte study: most working women feel an increasing level of stress and plan to resign

The level of stress faced by more than half of working women (53%) is higher than a year ago, and 46% say they are exhausted, according to Deloitte's Women @ Work 2022 Study, conducted globally. Moreover, exhaustion (burnout) is one of the main reasons why women decide to resign (40%). More than half of the […]

Why AppleTV's new animation made body diversity a pillar of its inclusive storytelling

In AppleTV's animated children’s series Pinecone & Pony, characters are designed to subvert and defy expectations. “You think a wizard has to look like Gandalf the Grey, but we wanted to show that, no, a wizard could look more like this. Or you see the really beefy muscular guy in the first episode wearing a flower […]