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Deloitte study: most working women feel an increasing level of stress and plan to resign

The level of stress faced by more than half of working women (53%) is higher than a year ago, and 46% say they are exhausted, according to Deloitte's Women @ Work 2022 Study, conducted globally. Moreover, exhaustion (burnout) is one of the main reasons why women decide to resign (40%). More than half of the […]

Even bosses (and Beyoncé) are burnt out

A new Deloitte survey shows super achievers are at breaking point too. You've probably heard Beyoncé has a new single out and it's a Great Resignation anthem. On 'Break Your Soul' the music legend sings:  I just quit my job I'm gonna find new drive, damn, they work me so damn hard Work by nine, then off past […]

Why employees need a four-day work week more than we think

UK workers desperately need a productivity boost, and that boost could be a country-wide implementation of a four-day work week. The average UK employee productivity dropped from 82.14% in 2020 to 63.47% in 2021, according to the recent data gathered from the DeskTime tracking app. In the 19th century, a typical working day lasted 14-16 hours […]

The emotion missing from the workplace

Sadness is a central part of our lives, yet it’s typically ignored at work, hurting employees and managers alike. CompassionLab scholar Jason Kanov says certain kinds of distress are more socially acceptable to express at work than others. It’s okay to openly grieve the death of a spouse or parent, but much riskier to share […]

Better on diversity and mental health; bad on emissions

There’s more and more ESG talk in tech and VC land. Environmental, social and governance factors have gone from being a concern of specialist investors to a key part of mainstream investment strategy. The average performance of early-stage startups on environmental metrics is almost 50% lower than social and governance metrics, that’s according to data collected by […]

Sun, sea or salary: Citi recruits’ future of work trade-off

The bank’s new Malaga hub for junior bankers is innovative but will require some serious management effort. Citi is hiring 30 would-be bankers from around Europe for a “junior banking analytics group”. They will be paid about half the $100,000 starting salary received by the 100 first-year analysts it hires annually in New York, Frankfurt […]

Job hunting for neurodivergent people: 'AI recruitment means I’ve got zero chance'

Facial analysis technology is sometimes used in recruitment, but people with autism at work and other types of neurodivergence say it can be biased against them. Have you ever applied for a job and found that, before you get offered an interview with a real person, you have to answer pre-recorded questions into your webcam? It’s designed to […]

LGBT+ ethnic minorities being left behind by society, report finds

Ethnic minority members of LGBT+ communities are being left behind by government policy and wider society, with a long-term effect on their wellbeing, according to a groundbreaking new report. The study, led jointly by researchers from King's College London and University College London, is the UK’s first major piece of research to analyse the experiences of people living […]

How Disabled Employees Are Influencing Workplace Trends

Our workplaces continue to evolve as we face the challenges brought by the ongoing effects of the pandemic, and as leaders, we have had to adapt to operational and employee experience challenges and continue to create workplaces that work for everyone, especially for people with disabilities. For this reason, Meg O'Connell, CEO of Global Disability Inclusion writes […]

Mental health challenge for 70% of young employees

Younger generations want their employers to focus far more on the mental health challenge they are facing, according to new research by social purpose strategy firm Purpose Union. The study dramatically revealed the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on employee wellbeing, with 70% of millennials and Generation Z now considering mental health to be […]