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Most LGBTQ+ founders and investors hide their gender or sexuality

Fresh questions over a lack of diversity in the tech sector emerged today after a report found 75% of LGBTQ+ founders and nearly 80% of investors withhold their identity from their peers in the ecosystem, potentially resulting in worse health conditions and lower cognitive performance. Just ⅓ of investors who said they were taking action to support ‘diverse’ […]

Census data reveals LGBT+ populations for first time

More than 1.3 million people in England and Wales identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, census data has revealed for the first time. For people aged 16 and over, more than 1.5% - 748,000 - identify as gay or lesbian, and 624,000 (1.3%) as bisexual. Some 165,000 people identify as "other" sexual orientations. And 262,000 […]

6 ways employers can improve on intersectionality

Hays’ Sandra Henke explores how embracing intersectionality can help employers improve the experience of all employees. Diversity is not a linear issue. As companies seek to be representative of the communities they operate in and that make up their workforce, many still consider their diversity efforts in distinct, singular characteristics. For example, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality […]

Which cities perform well for LGBTQ+ inclusion?

Inclusive cities are more competitive, a new report suggests. The Open for Business 2022 City Ratings is a ranking of 145 cities based on their economic performance and inclusion of LGBTQ+ communities – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning) and others. Overall, wealthier cities tend to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive, the authors say. Here are […]

Why I kept my sexuality a secret at work

Aircraft engineer Rob explains why he felt "scared" to tell his employer Airbus about his sexuality. He told the BBC how he ditched his 'double-life' at work and set up a Pride network to give support to LGBT staff members. "I was quite scared of telling my employer I was gay, but I realised as […]

Black and Asian UK workers say they are held back at work by bias, survey finds

Large majorities of black and Asian workers believe they have been overlooked for employment opportunities, including promotion, because of their identity, according to research, with some citing their hairstyles and not drinking alcohol as key factors. Seventy-one per cent of employees from a black background reported feeling overlooked for opportunities owing to their identity; 66% […]

Elon Musk drops the first 'Companies during Pride Month' Meme of 2022

Elon Musk mocks Twitter and other tech giants for paying lip-service to LGBTQ rights by changing their logos to rainbows during Pride Month. Today marks the first day of Pride Month, which is observed every June, and many of the world's largest companies typically change their main social media profiles. This isn’t the first year that corporations changing […]

Why AppleTV's new animation made body diversity a pillar of its inclusive storytelling

In AppleTV's animated children’s series Pinecone & Pony, characters are designed to subvert and defy expectations. “You think a wizard has to look like Gandalf the Grey, but we wanted to show that, no, a wizard could look more like this. Or you see the really beefy muscular guy in the first episode wearing a flower […]

This transgender CEO has a hiring lesson for all business leaders

As the CEO of Sweden's ICA Gruppen and an accomplished international businessman, Carl Farberger was high profile. But that didn't stop him from telling his team in Sept 2018 that he would no longer be known as Carl. From that point on, he would be Caroline Farberger - the first openly transgender CEO in Sweden. Since that day, Farberger has received significant […]

60% of GenZ storytellers more likely to buy from brands representing diverse identities in adverts

Social media agency We Are Social has surveyed users of social reading platform Wattpad and found 87% believe media and advertising needs to be inclusive in its representation of diverse and minority identities. The sample group of over 1,000 members of Wattpad’s online community ’Gen Z Storytellers’ is predominantly female and with a greater proportional representation of […]