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TAINA Tech: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion for FinTech Success

Diversity and inclusion are crucial for thriving in the FinTech sector. TAINA Tech highlights the significance of embracing various dimensions of diversity, including age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, culture, religion, and sexual orientation. By championing diversity and inclusion, TAINA fosters employee satisfaction, retention, and authenticity. he company recognises cultural, gender, sexual orientation, and neurodiversity as […]

So how diverse is the UK Fintech & Challenger Bank sector? A research conducted in 2020

The promise of fintech was to democratise access to financial services and instruments, particularly for underserved communities, but this can only be achieved through diversity of thought. The first step towards realising this promise and potential is creating an industry that is inclusive at heart, and engages diversity through not only representation but empowerment. To […]

Gender Diversity in Fintech. Reality vs Perception

A joint Innovate Finance and EY report showed there are still “significant disparities” in perceptions of diversity and inclusion in the industry. Insightful report about the Fintech sector regarding actual gender diversity numbers vs perception from those working within it. Read more here about misperceptions of the gender split with the Fintech space.->

9 Points of reflection since starting CandidateX

Nine points/experiences that has surprised me since launching CandidateX circa eighteen months ago. We need to fully understand the landscape and keep it real to achieve positive change. 1.    D&I driven initiatives and relationship building - CandidateX’s mission is to accelerate equality…I thought this was compelling and mutually accepted by most people. Growing and strengthening relationships should be […]

Bias by Proxy

We want to change the way our kids get their first job in years to come. A lot happened in 2019. For me personally, my two kids got a little bigger and cuter, my beloved Liverpool became Champions of Europe for the sixth time, and along with two of my good friends and colleagues, we […]