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‘Diversity dishonesty’ is the toxic workplace trend we’re not talking about enough

Diversity dishonesty is where a company or organisation works hard to look like they are invested in diversity, without making the internal changes to support their diverse employees. When people hear the word ‘diversity’, it can prompt mixed responses. For countless people of colour, it represents a longstanding desire to be represented in spaces where […]

15 steps to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process

In today’s diverse and multicultural workforce, it’s essential for companies to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in their hiring process. However, despite a company’s best intentions, unconscious bias can still seep into recruitment practices, leading to a lack of diversity in the workplace. To create a truly inclusive and diverse workforce, it’s crucial to identify […]

Fighting age discrimination with AI

Sunil Dial explains how older workers are being let down in the hiring process and asks whether AI is the answer Grappling with the triple whammy of fear, change and uncertainty has certainly drained the UK workforce, and has created the conditions for a burnout crisis. This is especially true for Gen Z, for whom the […]

ChatGPT: New AI system, old bias?

Here's how this powerful tech can become more accurate and inclusive. Every time a new application of AI is announced, I feel a short-lived rush of excitement — followed soon after by a knot in my stomach. This is because I know the technology, more often than not, hasn't been designed with equity in mind.  […]

2022 - A progress report!

Half of the year has flown by in the proverbial blink of an eye. And in all transparency, our 2022 plans had us further ahead at this point. It has been a frustrating year so far having hit some unexpected 'turbulence', and whilst we can't speak too widely about the problems we've encountered, suffice it […]

This is how you jump-start momentum on DEI

One of the few Asian American CEOs says making long-term, generational progress to include and elevate historically underrepresented individuals is a dedicated, holistic effort. The groundswell of social justice activism in recent years has finally invigorated and enlightened business leaders to make meaningful change for historically underrepresented communities. As one of the few female Asian American […]

Diversity – Paranoia or a real issue – part 2

A few key highlights from the recent Parker’s review Interesting to note that we haven’t seen much change since the previous report in 2016. I wrote an article ‘Diversity – Paranoia or a real issue’ on the back of the 2016 report where I questioned its significance. The fact that 150 of the biggest companies […]

Diversity – Paranoia or a real issue?

I want to gauge your views on the subject of diversity within the boardroom. To date, I’ve not really been one for sharing views etc, instead preferring to read and act as a knowledge accumulator. However, the topic of diversity has really got me thinking…I feel a sense of passion and a burning desire to ‘have […]

9 Points of reflection since starting CandidateX

Nine points/experiences that has surprised me since launching CandidateX circa eighteen months ago. We need to fully understand the landscape and keep it real to achieve positive change. 1.    D&I driven initiatives and relationship building - CandidateX’s mission is to accelerate equality…I thought this was compelling and mutually accepted by most people. Growing and strengthening relationships should be […]

What is normal anyway?

I grew up in the multicultural East London suburbs, attending a school that was as diverse as you’re likely to find. Many of my classmates were first generation British or had started life in another part of the world. And the funny thing was, as a young white boy I didn’t think anything of it. […]

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