Businesses failing to meet employee needs on workplace engagement and diversity, equity, and inclusion

A recent survey of 4,200 people across 11 countries and 9 sectors found that employees are less satisfied with their workplaces than they were before the pandemic. The survey also found that there has been a decline in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace.

The survey found that the top reasons for employees' dissatisfaction with their workplaces are:

  • Lack of opportunities for advancement (42%)
  • Unfair treatment (39%)
  • Lack of a sense of belonging (38%)
  • Feeling like their voice doesn't matter (37%)
  • Feeling like they are not being compensated fairly (36%)

The survey also found that there has been a decline in DEI initiatives in the workplace. The top reasons for this decline are:

  • Lack of resources (43%)
  • Lack of support from senior leadership (42%)
  • Lack of time (41%)
  • Lack of awareness of DEI issues (39%)
  • Lack of knowledge about how to implement DEI initiatives (38%)

The survey's findings suggest that there is a need for businesses to take steps to improve employee satisfaction and DEI initiatives in the workplace. Some of the steps that businesses can take include:

  • Providing more opportunities for advancement
  • Treating employees fairly
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Giving employees a voice
  • Compensating employees fairly
  • Providing more resources for DEI initiatives
  • Getting support from senior leadership
  • Making time for DEI initiatives
  • Raising awareness of DEI issues
  • Providing training on DEI issues

By taking these steps, businesses can create a more inclusive and satisfying workplace for all employees.

Publish May 10, 2023 on HR Dive.