Better on diversity and mental health; bad on emissions

There’s more and more ESG talk in tech and VC land. Environmental, social and governance factors have gone from being a concern of specialist investors to a key part of mainstream investment strategy.

The average performance of early-stage startups on environmental metrics is almost 50% lower than social and governance metrics, that’s according to data collected by ESG_VC, an industry initiative backed by VC firms.

Startups showed strong progress on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and mental health provision. 

57% of companies said they would provide diversity and inclusion training for their teams this year, and 58% said they have a mental health policy in place. Likewise, nearly 40% of businesses are looking to measure the gender pay gap.

On environmental metrics, in comparison, just 11% of companies measure their carbon footprint (though 27% intend to do that this year) and only 7% have a net zero carbon plan in place. 

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