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CandidateX is a social impact and data-driven organization, focused on increasing access to opportunities for underestimated talent, and 'Better Human' is our non-profit initiative.

With sustainability in mind, we aim to make a substantial impact towards economic and social equity, by working directly with the communities we represent to push beyond our platform to impact real change, and become the trusted inclusion brand for the current and future workforce.

We have huge community-centred plans, initially focused on a subject we are incredibly passionate about, social mobility, and more precisely 'access'.

Everyone, irrespective of background, should be able to achieve their full potential. 'Better Human' creates access for all through tools, resources and a powerful inclusion-conscious network where all members derive value from each other, contributing to build a better tomorrow. 
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We've only just begun!

So far we've mentored ambitious young leaders from underrepresented groups to support their voices on the issues that affect their lives.

We've worked with the homeless and other disadvantaged individuals who find themselves marginalized from the labor market and unable to find work. 

We have been invited to speak at LGBTQ+ events to provide honest and direct allyship and support to the community.

We have donated kits and sponsored a youth football team whose players live in deprived inner city areas. The club's support of these young people is so crucial as they navigate their adolescent years to find the right path.

We have so much to give, and your support means a lot. Together, we can.

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