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We have inclusive companies waiting, and with your contribution we can make this a reality

CandidateX’s mission is to accelerate inclusion in the workplace, enabling a true sense of belonging where every voice is heard.

Our support will enable us to create the world’s first fully anonymised Talent Engagement and Diversity Intelligence platform.

The platform is a meeting place for inclusion-minded employers and candidates, which
provides an authentic experience for job seekers. Companies engage with talent through a fully branded on-platform company microsite, which works to convert applicants into brand advocates, and brand advocates into applicants!

Candidates have an interactive experience where they are empowered to ask the question, “What is it really like to work at a company like yours, for someone like me”

Powered by deep tech, our anonymisation technology provides an equality focused application process, giving candidates peace of mind that skills and experiences alone are being assessed allowing hiring businesses to eliminate bias in an auditable prejudice-free selection process.

For employers, CandidateX provides intelligence and insights on candidate application funnels and the diversity make up thereof. Our feedback loops increase understanding of candidate self-selection, which then inform an employer’s inclusion initiatives. We provide visibility on the demographics who are engaging with their brand and vacancies, and perhaps crucially, visibility on those who are not.

The spotlight on equality has never shone brighter and been more audible. In recent times we have experienced a phenomenal outpouring of emotion around the Black Lives Matter and the MeToo campaigns. The time for change is upon us, and CandidateX is confident that its proposition can breakdown the systemic bias that candidates face when job searching.

We are EIS/SEIS approved. ESG (responsible investment).

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