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The Silent War Against True Talent

Reducing Bias in the Hiring Process 

Apply Anonymously to Inclusive Companies
 CV not redacted CV redacted not showing personal details or gender
CandidateX anonymises your applications, and here's why!

Up to 80% 

More applications required by minorities to achieve the same callbacks as white candidates

7.4 seconds

Average time a recruiter takes to screen your CV - unconscious bias being a prevalent factor


Recruiters who believe unconscious bias is a problem in the hiring process

How it works

1 1. Register
Set up your unique profile in just a few minutes
2 2. Join Relevant Talent Pools
Be the first to know when new jobs match your skills and requirements
3 3. Search Jobs
Find roles with inclusive employers who are actively reducing bias in their hiring process
4 4. Apply Anonymously
Our AI redacts your CV at point of application so recruiters screen your skills and experience alone
5 5. Be in Control
The power is yours! Choose to accept employer requests to reveal your profile
6 6. Be Invited to Interview
Receive invites to first interviews!!

Your diversity data matters 

You may be wondering, if I apply anonymously why are you asking for my diversity data? Great question!
Understanding jobseeker diversity data is critical to creating inclusive workplaces. Yet the way that companies ask can be clumsy and opaque, leading to mistrust and a poor candidate experience.

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Our Mission

CandidateX is on a mission to disrupt a biased recruitment industry. We believe in talent, not tick boxes. We champion skills, not stereotypes. And we're calling on you to join the #LockedOut movement